I love feeling an initial spark and forging deep and lasting connections that result in the blossoming of each individual and the relationship itself.
— Emily Mitnick, founder of EHM | Coaching


Emily is an entrepreneur and ICF-certified leadership coach who values authenticity, effective communication rooted in emotional intelligence, community, truth-seeking and connectedness. She started EHM | Coaching (originally EHM | Brand+) in 2016 to offer brand-focused business coaching for startups, but soon after made the decision to shift her focus to leadership coaching for female entrepreneurs, emerging leaders, and early-career individuals in transitional moments. She is incredibly passionate about elevating and fostering a culture of women supporting women – in the workplace and beyond.

As a coach, Emily utilizes Level 3 and Level 4 listening, powerful questioning, trust-building and empathy to help clients address challenges in a way that is deeply personal and tailored to them, which allows them to create solutions that are meaningful and sustainable. As a champion of holistic wellbeing, Emily holds a safe, nourishing space for clients to creatively explore their full experience of self - body, mind and spirit. She wholeheartedly hopes for long-term harmonious existence based on every single person being able to live a life of fierce truth without fear.

Emily hails from the design universe, where she previously employed her knack for design thinking, systems thinking and colorful post-it note brainstorms as a strategist at a global design giant, an urban planner at a large university and an independent visual brand consultant. 

Emily is recognized as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and holds a certificate in Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance from Philosophy IB's ICF-accredited program at American University, a Master's Degree from the University of Pennsylvania (MCP, School of Design) and Bachelor of Arts from Northwestern University (BA, cum laude).

When she's not working, Emily might be found:
a) practicing, teaching or talking about yoga
b) curating mindful community gatherings
c) playing the guitar or harmonium
d) making friends at a coffee shop (decaf, please)