Immerse yourself in nature's landscape while uncovering and understanding your own.

the service

Imagine moving through the breathtaking natural beauty of the San Francisco Bay Area while exploring in depth your own inner landscape. The Nature of You takes EHM | Coaching’s leadership coaching service to new heights (sometimes, quite literally) by incorporating the calming, healing and grounding qualities of Mother Earth through mindful hiking and walking outdoors, and opens doors to new ways of navigating and understanding the universe – beyond you and within you – that are more easily tapped into when we take ourselves out of routine surroundings (e.g., home, office, car, etc.).

We offer individual leadership and career coaching for female entrepreneurs, emerging leaders and women in the early stages of their careers who are seeking to enhance creative thinking to amplify both personal and professional self-potential, and who are looking for clarity of heart and mind and increased emotional intelligence to improve communication, create effective behavioral patterns, navigate interpersonal relationships and discover opportunities for self-transformation and empowerment.

what to expect

Sessions are 75 - 90 minutes long and typically resemble a co-created conversational experience where the coach asks powerful, open-ended questions intended to spark curiosity and moments of self-discovery for the client.  At the outset of each session, the client will establish a goal to work towards. Leadership coaching utilizes the adult learning cycle (conceptualization, experimentation, reflection, integration) to build a bridge from the present to the future. Each session ends with a discussion of next steps.

Sometimes individuals know exactly what they want to work on when they come to coaching. Examples of leadership coaching topics include:

  • Developing confidence and authentic self-expression at work and beyond

  • Building a values-based career path and life

  • Leading (a life, a team, an organization, a family, etc.) from a place of purpose

  • Cultivating sustainable habits of self-nourishment, self-compassion and wellbeing

  • Managing relationships with integrity

Other times, we work with clients to help them develop a focus. Sometimes clients come to coaching experiencing the following around work, personal life or both:

  • I'm in a transition and feel overwhelmed

  • I'm on autopilot and want to live with greater intention

  • I feel stuck

  • I seek an opportunity for guided self-discovery

  • I want to develop greater self-awareness

  • I feel like something is missing or "off"

How it works

  1. Start by setting up a free 30-minute discovery session. We'll learn about each other and assess a mutual fit.

  2. If we're a match, we'll discuss a program length and determine which coaching package is right for you based on your needs, goals and other influential life factors.

  3. We'll draw up a contract and send it to you, along with a waiver, for your review and signature.

  4. Once the contract and waiver are signed, we're good to go. We'll determine meeting dates and set up our sessions, taking into consideration your preferences around physical activity and landscape. Please note that all meetings will occur in the Mill Valley/Mt. Tamalpais general vicinity. Note: single Nature of You sessions can be added to your existing coaching schedule!