Finding fulfillment in your career begins with self-discovery, a vision and a values-based roadmap.

the service

We call our signature career consulting service the Two-month How-to. It’s a mashup of coaching and consulting that is designed to create a strong foundation for your job hunt. We utilize coaching tools to unearth information about your core values, motivation, strengths and interferences, and use that information to inform the direction and roadmap for your job hunt.

what to expect

The Two-month How-to is comprised of the following five sessions:

Session 1: Intake (90 minutes)
We’ll define your strengths, values, key internal players, motivation level, interferences and goals.

Session 2: Visioning (60 minutes)
Through a series of creative, interactive exercises, we’ll determine what your ideal career looks like.

Session 3: Applying the Vision IRL (90 minutes)
We’ll define the industry and roles that could be a good fit for you and craft a research plan (this is the session where we’ll talk about networking, if you’re wondering).

Session 4: Resume Review (90 minutes)
We’ll review your resume together in real-time and discuss tools to help you infuse your resume with your voice and your brand.

Session 5: Interview Prep (90 minutes)
We’ll go over common interview questions and craft authentic responses, work on communicating your value and telling your story, and address any questions or concerns that you might have.

These five sessions happen within a timespan of two month, and the package also includes assignments between sessions, email support, and the option for discounted career coaching sessions if you begin them within a month of finishing the Two-month How-to.

A note about your financial investment

We know that a job hunt is a big commitment of your time, energy and emotional resources, and that the Two-Month How-to comes with a price tag.

That’s why we give our clients the option to pay through PayPal and use PayPal Credit, which, depending on your credit, could give you the option to pay for this service over a period of six months with no interest.

How it works

  1. Start by setting up a free 30-minute discovery session. We'll learn about each other and assess a mutual fit.

  2. If we're a match, we'll determine which package is right for you based on your needs, goals and other influential life factors.

  3. We'll draw up a contract and send it to you for your review and signature.

  4. Once the contract is signed, we're good to go. We'll determine meeting dates and set up our sessions. For individuals, these sessions may occur via Zoom (video) or in-person depending on your location. For organizations, these sessions will occur at your place of work.