A meaningful strategy that will get you to “then” is built upon a clear understanding of your “here and now.”
— Emily Mitnick, founder of EHM | Coaching

Style & Philosophy

When working as a design strategy consultant, our founder, Emily, realized the power of using the tools and mindset of a coach to help clients unearth important information about their organizations, employees, consumers and themselves. In light of this discovery, EHM | Coaching offers consulting services that are built upon a strong foundation of coaching. Regardless of the service or client type (i.e., individual or organization), we’ll begin by diving deeply into the “here and now” of you (or your organization) and use the knowledge we glean to inform the design and content of the strategy we create together. With a coaching foundation, we ensure that the outcome we design is tailored to you, and therefore, both adaptable and built to last.

During our work sessions, we’ll draw deeply from tenets of design strategy consulting to amplify your dynamic and creative thinking skills and problem-solving capacity. We enjoy using visual tools to unearth and organize information, and also find that they add an element of lightheartedness to the work.

When collaborating with clients, we believe that the most sustainable outcomes occur through partnership. As such, we invite clients to join us at the drawing board as partners across the entirety of the consulting engagement. It’s important for all key players to demonstrate their commitment to the strategic process by showing up with an open mind, ready to participate wholeheartedly. We relish the opportunity to create working engagements that honor creativity, curiosity, compassion and the growth mindset.