Be a leader in your life. Be a leader in your work.

the service

We offer self-leadership + career coaching for individuals who identify as creatives or hold creativity as a core value and are:

  • Seeking to amplify both personal and professional potential

  • Looking for clarity of heart and mind

  • Interested in developing greater self-awareness to improve communication, create effective behavioral patterns, navigate interpersonal relationships and discover opportunities for self-transformation and empowerment

what to expect

Sessions are 50 minutes long and typically resemble a co-created conversational experience where the coach asks powerful, open-ended questions intended to spark curiosity and moments of self-discovery for the client. The sessions may be remote or in-person. At the outset of each session, the client will establish a goal to work towards. Coaching utilizes the adult learning cycle (conceptualization, experimentation, reflection, integration) to build a bridge from the present to the future. Each session ends with a discussion of next steps.

Sometimes clients know exactly what they want to work on when they come to coaching. Examples of leadership coaching topics include:

  • Developing confidence and authentic self-expression at work and beyond

  • Building a values-based career path and life

  • Leading (a life, a team, an organization, a family, etc.) from a place of purpose

  • Cultivating sustainable habits of self-nourishment, self-compassion and wellbeing

  • Managing relationships with integrity

Other times, we work with clients to help them develop a focus. Sometimes clients come to coaching experiencing the following around work, personal life or both:

  • I'm in a transition and feel overwhelmed

  • I'm on autopilot and want to live with greater intention

  • I feel stuck

  • I seek an opportunity for guided self-discovery

  • I want to develop greater self-awareness

  • I feel like something is missing or "off"

A note for job seekers

We know that time is of the essence when you’re looking for that next career move. If you’re looking for support around a career move that is strategy-based and short-term, our Two-month How-to for job seekers might be a better fit. Plus, you can always add career coaching sessions afterwards to help you transition smoothly into a new role.

How it works

  1. Start by setting up a free 30-minute discovery session. We'll learn about each other and assess a mutual fit.

  2. If we're a match, we'll discuss a program length and determine which coaching package is right for you based on your needs, goals and other influential life factors.

  3. We'll draw up a contract and send it to you for your review and signature.

  4. Once the contract is signed, we're good to go. We'll determine meeting dates and set up our 50-minute sessions, which may occur via Zoom (video) or in-person depending on your location.