The coaching packages below are meant to serve you. After your free discovery session, we'll help you pick - or even create - the right package based on your needs and goals.

Free Discovery Session

Prior to the start of any contract, EHM | Coaching offers a free 30-minute discovery session via phone or in-person. In this session, the potential client and coach meet for purposes of introduction, evaluation of chemistry, discussion of coaching topic and overview of sample coaching agreement.

Following a discovery session, should the coach and potential client decide to move forward into a coaching relationship, the coach will draw up contract and send to client for agreement. Scheduling of sessions and payment will follow.

Self-leadership + career coaching FOR INDIVIDUALS

We offer in-person coaching from our office in San Francisco as well as remote coaching for those residing beyond the Bay Area. Sessions are 50 minutes. 

We view coaching as a lifetime journey, but have offered a bite-sized suggestion below that might make the process more digestible for you. Most of our clients transition to a month-to-month schedule after reaching the six month mark.

6 months (minimum)

  • Three sessions/month (18 sessions total)

  • Sessions occur on consecutive weeks

  • Billed monthly with six-month commitment

Month-to-month (for existing clients only)

  • Three sessions/month on a weekly basis (3 sessions total)

  • These sessions are for clients who wish to expand upon 6-month partnerships


Please contact us to discuss your coaching goals and workshop interests and we'll help to price a package or session that is right for your organization.