Personal development is professional development, and leadership begins within.
— Emily Mitnick, founder of EHM | Coaching

Style & Philosophy

While coaching is often viewed as solely future-focused, EHM | Coaching holds the following philosophy as sacred: to move forward, we must first move through. It is in this work of being with ourselves in the present that we cultivate a greater understanding of and relationship with our inner intelligence, which is what guides us to sustainable success, whether in our career, personal life, etc. 

We take an integrated and tailored approach to coaching in order to bring light to your entire experience of self: body, mind and spirit. As such, we welcome all of you — your whole self — into the space. In addition to verbal dialogue, EHM | Coaching offers the opportunity for you to engage in breathing, mindfulness and somatic exercises to better understand the language of your body and uncover the truths that live within physical manifestations. 

Furthermore, we bring all of ourselves wherever we go; we can’t simply turn parts of ourselves on or off. What presents as a seemingly straightforward career challenge may turn out to be a stickier adaptive challenge that shows up elsewhere in life. In light of this, we focus on coaching you, the person, rather than the challenge itself. That way, when you encounter another challenge down the road, you’ll have the tools to address it from a place of self-knowledge and authenticity.

A NOTE ABOUT Evidence-based coaching

As an ICF-certified coach, our founder, Emily, has been trained in evidence-based coaching models that pull from learning science, behavioral change science and neuroscience. She uses many of these models to inform the framework of the work you’ll do together, as well as to create individualized exercises within the coaching space to support your unique journey.