Working with Emily was a great experience. She guided me in developing practical solutions for everything from increasing productivity to practicing acceptance in my daily life and work. Through my work with Emily, I gained more insight as to the type of leader I want to be, and have a clearer understanding of my strengths and weaknesses as it relates to leadership. I am excited to use the skills I learned to engage and inspire others in a more profound way.
— Amy G. | Coaching client

Emily is such a compassionate, intuitive coach. I came to her with loose personal development goals, and she helped me to not only clarify those ideas, but also weave together threads from different aspects of my life and work. Emily is adept at asking questions that get to the heart of things. Through our work together, Emily encouraged me to welcome all parts of myself, to foster my own creativity, and to develop a more curious and loving relationship toward my full self. Experiencing Emily’s enthusiasm for her work is a joy and an inspiration.
— Lauren C. | Coaching client

Emily’s bright energy, fresh perspective, and probing questions helped our firm ‘dig deep’ in our strategic visioning process. Emily’s design background really helped us to set the right questions, and her patient facilitation helped steer us to uncover the answers. Above all else, Emily brought a grounded and positive energy to our organization at a crucial time. Thank you, Emily.
— Michael Cobb | Partner, Strategic Good, Consulting Client

My experience working with Emily was great, and she helped me to start KHC on a very solid foundation for initial and long-term success. In addition to providing me with a number of things I had not previously considered, Emily helped me to unpack so many thoughts from my brain, and to organize them in a way that added significant value. I am most appreciative for her ability to adapt her initial ideas on how to approach the different topics we explored to produce a result that is richer and more meaningful to me than it would have been otherwise. In some respects, I look at the past few months working with Emily as a voyage of discovery, and like most explorers I am as appreciative of the journey as I am about the final destination.
— Kenneth Fletcher | President, Kestrel Hawk Consulting, Inc., Consulting client

I truly see Emily as a lifelong collaborator. She took the time to understand my professional and personal goals in order to help me work through my next career move. By artfully blending a holistic mind, body and soul approach to professional coaching she helped me articulate my passions and understand how those passions might align with my career goals. I highly recommend any person or organization to bring her into your process, the outcome was so valuable!
— Sam C. | Coaching client

When I first decided to work with a coach, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had an initial goal, which was to uncover my core values and use them to chart a path forward for my business. My only experience with coaching was through sports, so I set my expectations according to that dynamic – direction, skill building, tough love, and intensity. But after a few sessions with Emily, I realized that her form of coaching is more powerful than the kind where someone tells you what to do. Instead, every discovery, decision, and behavior change in this process has come from my own inner voice and deep knowing. When I arrived at each of my core values, it was thanks to Emily’s ability to listen, feel the energy, and make connections across themes that came up over a series of sessions. Her guided visualizations have helped me connect with my values in a way that I can feel them in my body and immediately sense when they are fully expressed or compromised. And just like magic, I have seen a shift in the way I show up with my clients, my friends, and my family that feels completely genuine, true, and easeful.
— Catherine M. | Coaching client

Emily’s approach to coaching was very helpful. Working with her I was able to clarify some of my underlying values to help guide my job search (and other areas as well). She is able to look at what is coming up at the time and use that to guide a discussion. I am glad I was able to work with her and gain some insight into myself. I would highly recommend her!
— Carol S. | Coaching client

I love working with Emily because it feels like I’m working side-by-side with a business partner - she is very invested in the process of working through challenging problems. Whenever I complete a session with Emily, I’m left with clarifying actions to take. Emily is not only intelligent, but caring, thoughtful, and present in our sessions. She cares deeply about contributing meaningful help and insights.
— Eric D. | Consulting client

Our Clients

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